Have you ever considered painting on water?

Join Curtis Splan (www.iotamarblingstudios.com) in these one-day hands-on workshops as we explore the essentials of water marbling. Brush your everyday life aside; as we submerge ourselves into the deep and rich world of gently flowing ink upon a bed of carefully conditioned water. Be prepared to be stunned as we form beautiful patterns, landscapes and artistic expressions atop the water, and then transfer them seamlessly to paper--forever capturing the moment.

About this workshop: In this workshop, we shall provide all of the materials and supplies you will need to create approximately 20 sheets of marbled paper. This includes a marbling tray, rakes, combs, acrylic paints, and paper drying racks.
We will also provide you an unprecedented access to study materials, reference guides, and historical marbled works to help you along your creative and inspirational journey. We recommend arriving with paint-friendly clothes, an apron, and a fun spirit to help explore this wonderful art form!

About the instructor: Curtis Splan is a self-taught water marbler, bookbinder, and paper maker, with featured works on Society6.com and Etsy.com. He has submitted marbled works to the International Ebru Congress in Turkey, participated in the global Ebru Quilt Project, and is known throughout the global network of international water marblers. Splan has a master's degree in information systems from FSU and a bachelor's in psychology from UNR. He has taught graduate courses at UNR as an adjunct professor and currently works for the State of California as a technology professional.

$100.00 PER DAY

To register, go to http://curtissplan.eventbrite.com
For all other questions, please call or email Curtis at:
(775) 351-7475, curtis@iotamarblingstudios.com


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