There are postcards in the office at Sacramento Fine Arts Center for you to distribute to your patrons!

Thank You for Entering the 5th Annual “Painting Where the Wild Things Are”
Accepted Entries are Listed Below. If you are not on the list your work was not accepted.
Please Check spelling price for accuracy email David Peterson ( with corrections asap.
Each Accepted Artist receives 1 Gala Reservation.
You Must RSVP by email show to chair David Peterson ( to reserve your ticket.
Additional tickets for sale for $50 at Effie Yeaw Nature Center

Artwork not shown is ready for pickup at SFAC during normal business hours.

Show dates: May 13-30, 2014
Reception and Awards Ceremony:
Saturday May 17, 2014 5:30-8:30PM
Awards at 6:30pm.
Live Piano Music by Larry, you are invited to bring a savory dish a dessert or wine!


Are you interested in the Paint Out Show and Sale May 31 at Effie Yeaw Nature Center? Download Flyer HERE

Listed Alphabetically by last names:

19 Carol Ruth Barnes "On the Bike Trail" Oil $500
70 Tania Beaudet "Emerged Process" Mixed Encaustic $200
99 Vicki Behringer "Morning Rendezvous in Ancil Hoffman" Acrylic $450
33 Barbara Bos "Green and Blue Heron" Acrylic $200
4 Joann Cochran "The Deer Family" Oil $375
157 Lance Copeland "Night Heron" Oil $800
110 Eric Dahlin "Pair of Robins" Clay Sculpture $300 Hon. Ment.
121 Jan Dailey "River's Bend" Pastel $800
122 Jan Dailey "American River" Oil $100
123 Jan Dailey "Ancil Hoffman Park" Oil $100
53 Susan Davis "Along the Parkway" Watercolor $160
16 Sherry DeLulo" A Place to Ponder" Oil $120
23 Barbara DeWein "Wild Cunning" Monotype $300
24 Barbara DeWein" Banjo and Moonrunner - The Rivertown Jacks" Monotype $380
49 Rhonda R. Egan "Gold and Gray" Oil $425 Hon. Ment.
115 Karin Elliott "River Reflections" Oil $400
112 Carolyn Fischer "A Quiet Place" Oil $300
50 Leah Florence "A Boy and Girl Sitting" Mixed Media $350 Hon. Ment.
51 Leah Florence "Three Children Together" Mixed Media $250
52 Leah Florence "A Girl and Boy Reading" Mixed Media $350
67 Tatyana Fogarty "By the Old Fair Oaks Bridge" Oil $1250
37 Linnea Fronce "Otters at William Pond Park" Oil $500 Merit
35 Linnea Fronce "Paradise Beach" Oil $250
36 Linnea Fronce "Cold Morning at William Pond Park" Oil $450
126 Marilyn Gilbert "Crossing Jim's Bridge" Oil $450
127 Marilyn Gilbert "River Ride" Watercolor $275
26 Laura Goldstein "American River" Stone Collectors I" Watercolor $300
27 Laura Goldstein "American River Stone Collectors II" Watercolor $300
135 Debbie Gualco "Sunrise Riverbank" Oil "$1500" Best of Show
134 Debbie Gualco "River Cruising" Oil $325
136 Debbie Gualco "Red Bridge" Oil $1 100
144 Barbara Haig "Brewed Box" Mixed Media $100
9 Rebecca Jaggers "Winter Solstice" Watercolor $400
10 Rebecca Jaggers "A Walk With Grandpa" Watercolor $350
11 Rebecca Jaggers "January on the American" Watercolor $400
131 Patricia Jones "River" Oil $325
40 Molly Keller "Crowtoy" Watercolor $425 Hon. Ment.
41 Molly Keller "Maybe" Watercolor $425
93 Mary Therese Kobashigawa "Windy Spring Day at the Parkway" Oil $275
94 Mary Therese Kobashigawa "Sound of Spring" Watercolor $300
7 Jo Kopp "Reflections on the Big Horn" Watercolor $200
8 Jo Kopp "Winter Fog Sunrise at Pond Park" Watercolor $200
20 Bruce Leavitt "Tree Lined Cove" Oil $1200
90 Norah Lee "Wild" Oil $850
143 Imi Lehmbrock-Hirschinger "The American River No. 10" Mixed Media $2700 1st Place
142 Imi Lehmbrock-Hirschinger "Small Boat Ramp American River" Mixed Media $1500
39 Sandy Lindblad "Swim Sally Swim" Acrylic $395
113 David Lobenberg "Winter Solstice on the American" Acrylic $800
25 Steve Memering "American River Wallk" Oil $2850 Merit
42 Frank Michny "Redhead Duck" Wood Carving $150
64 Bob Miller "Hoffman Park Looking West" Acrylic $600
65 Bob Miller "Hoffman Park Looking East" Acrylic $800
96 Patris Miller "Riverscape" Oil $400
101 Jeanette Morrow "Hitching a Ride" Clay Sculpture $600 2nd Place
159 Timothy Mulligan "River Colors Beneath Watt Ave. Bridge" Acrylic $1650
72 Leah A. Newton "In the Branches" Acrylic $500
54 Jeffrey Paradis "Sitting in a Tree - Solitude" Clay Sculpture $500
128 David Peterson "Bateau" Watercolor $485 3rd Place
129 David Peterson "Fishin'" Watercolor $485
12 Margaret Pollan "Hawk" Pastel $200
160 Debra Roberts "American River Spring Greens" Oil $675
107 Tom Sellas "American River" Oil $400
108 Tom Sellas "Rio Pond" Oil $800
14 N. W. Sloan "Springtime on the Parkway" Oil $450
21 Judy Smith "Forest Friend" Monotype $400
22 Judy Smith "Moon River" Monotype $495
73 Judith A. Sowa "One Fish Blue Fish" Ceramic $300
60 Diane Tharp "Hide and Seek" Watercolor $300 Hon. Ment.
62 Diane Tharp "Rivers' Bend Ancil Hoffman Park" Watercolor $250
18 Kerri Warner "Gallimaufry Stagg" Mosaic Sculpture $4800
133 Jack Calvin Warren "American River Pump Station" Acrylic $500
78 Chester C. Wilcox "Great Blue Heron" Wood Carving $1000
79 Chester C. Wilcox "Cinnamon Teal Hen" Wood Carving $500
132 Beth Winfield "River Fishing" Oil $800
29 Bih Yuan "Paradise Dream" Watercolor $250