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2017 WASH OpenShow News
October Demonstration Announcement
January 2018 Frank Eber Workshop
April 2018 Jeannie Vodden Workshop
October 2018 Michael Holter Workshop
WASH Scholarship Information
Joining WASH

2017 WASH Open Show Information

The 2017 WASH Open Show prospectus, show dates and a link to the showJeanine Robb, Golden Glow at Online Juried Shows are available at the following link: Current Show

Judging is complete for the 2017 WASH Open Show, click on the photograph of our Best of Show winner, Golden Glow by Jeanine Robb for a look at the award winners. The show opens on September 5, 2017 at the Sacramento Fine Art Center. Please join us on September 9 from 5:30 to 8pm for Second Saturday!

Click on the pdf icon that follows for accepted paintings for the 2017 WASH Open Show: Open Show Prospectus

Click on the pdf icon that follows for a copy of the 2017 WASH Open Show prospectus: Open Show Prospectus

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WASH Meeting and Demonstration

October Members Meeting and Demonstration - 10/09/2017, 7:00 pm

The October 9th WASH membership meeting at 7 pm will feature Nevada City artist Tina Heck, a long-time watercolorist, who has moved in recent years to acrylic. In her artist demo she will be demonstrating, comparing, and contrastingTina Heck watercolor and acrylic media.

Tina holds a BA in Art from San Francisco State and an M.Div./M.A. in Worship and the Arts from Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley. She has worked her way through college as a graphic artist, and currently is Marketing Director for a California non-profit. “For the last thirty years I’ve painted primarily in watercolors,” says Heck, “focusing on Sierra landscapes.” In 2001, however, she began to explore landscapes Tina Heckwith acrylics on large canvases. “I’ve been delving into shape, color and light for a looser representation of the myriad impressions that come to me,” she says. “It’s a different way of seeing.” Her painting style has morphed as she has became increasingly aware of the subtleties of light and color. Over her career, Tina has worked with a variety of artistic media – from book illustrations to murals to lithography. For several church conferences she has painted live using fabric dye on a large sheet to supplement the music and messages. Sierra Christian Church in Loomis has a beautiful altarpiece that she painted for them.

Currently, she is working on a small series that emulates the woodcut prints and lithographs of the Arts and Crafts movement of the 1920s and 30s. Some of Heck’s works are available as cards and posters on Zazzle. https://www.zazzle.com/hecksfineart

WASH meets on the second Monday of the month except July and August. Meeting times alternate between evening and afternoon. Odd months meet at 1:30PM and even months meet at 7PM. All meetings are held at Sacramento Fine Arts Center. For information about our future demonstrators, please click the Monthly Demonstrations and Critiques button in the left menu bar.

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January 2018 Frank Eber Workshop

Atmospheric Landscapes
January 9-11, 2018

Frank Eber“It is one thing to copy nature but quite another to express her in a painting!”  Keep the big message and not the little unimportant detail - the sweeping energy of a tree, not the number of leaves. In this workshop, Frank will cover the topics of design and composition, color and lighting, positives and negatives, simplification of shape, and atmospheric effects.
Conveying atmosphere is Frank’s specialty. In fact, it is the basis of all his work and teaching.

See more of his work at frankeber.com

Frank Eber

WASH Members: $325, Nonmembers: $375
Please contact WASH Workshop Chair, Sue Davis at suedavis@winfirst.com or 916-359-7691.
Workshop held at: Sacramento Fine Arts Center, 5530-B Gibbons Drive, Carmichael

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April 2018 Jeannie Vodden Workshop

Posies in Jars
April 9, 2018

“I love painting the complex textures, forms and patterns found in nature,” says Jeannie Vodden. She is a master at combining a deep reservoir of techniques with a relaxed, gentle teaching style. She is known for the magic she creates with a limited palette of transparent staining colors. Playing with light and textures hold great interest for her.

* Get tips and hints on how to paint transparent glass
* Learn how to give flowers translucency (as if light is moving through thin petals)
* Add a sense of light and shadow to your work
* Work in a limited color scheme
* Loosen up … just a bit

Work from your own photo, or use Jeannie’s reference image.

This workshop will include watercolor demonstrations, plenty of painting time, individual attention and gentle critiques. Students will gain skill in Jeannie’s unique watercolor methods. This class is designed for all levels of painters. Each student’s skill level will be different. If you are a beginner, don’t let that discourage you. Take your time, learn and enjoy.

See more of her work at JeannieVodden.com

Jeannie Vodden Jeannie Vodden

WASH members: $70 Nonmembers: $85

Please contact WASH Workshop Chair, Sue Davis at suedavis@winfirst.com or 916-359-7691.
Workshop held at: Sacramento Fine Arts Center, 5530-B Gibbons Drive, Carmichael

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October 2018 Michael Holter WorkshopMichael Holter

Creating Watercolor Portraits from Photos
October 6-8, 2018

"I think of my work as impressionistic. I like to represent people or places and allow the painting to evolve from the structure of what is recognizable,” says Michael. In this workshop, he will give painters tools to create a well-structured portrait while still allowing for the expressive use of color and brushstroke.

Michael Holter
Past President of Southwestern Watercolor Society Herb Reed states " Michael's recent workshop was one of the top few that really made a difference in the way that I approach painting. Take it. You will learn about design and composition, techniques, and hints on taking reference photos -- all for turning out terrific watercolor portraits."

See more of Michael’s art at michaelholter.com

WASH Members: $325, Nonmembers: $375
Please contact WASH Workshop Chair, Sue Davis at suedavis@winfirst.com or 916-359-7691.
Workshop held at: Sacramento Fine Arts Center, 5530-B Gibbons Drive, Carmichael

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WASH Scholarship Information

2017 WASH Scholarship Award

WASH is delighted to recognize Cassandra Fore as the WASH Scholarship for the Arts 2017 winner. WASH 2017 Scholarship

Cassandra Fore is a senior at Cosumnes Oaks High School in Elk Grove. She was highly recommended by her teachers indicating that she has a great passion for art. They indicate that she has shown the will to succeed, good discipline, perseverance, and follow through. From those letters and her application, we learned that she has been active at her high school and in the local art community. She helped paint a mural for Marion Mix Elementary School in Elk Grove and participated in the Sacramento Chalk It Up event. WASH 2017 Scholarship

In her artist’s statement she says, “I want to be an artist- I am an artist- because my desire to fabricate beautiful pieces of artwork will always be a major part of me. Constantly, I am drawing or imagining new pictures in my head to create. Drawing, painting, or even doodling makes me immensely happy. I know I want to create art for the rest of my life. Working as an artist would be my equivalent to “living life to its fullest”.” She also says, “Though, having tried multiple art mediums, I find I love watercolor the most. I’ve always loved how watercolor looks, and for me it is the easiest medium to use. I hope to continue using watercolor until I fully master the medium.”

WASH 2017 Scholarship Winner In her art portfolio, Cassandra submitted the required watercolor images and added works in oil pastel, pencil, ink, ceramics and colored pencil. Her work ranged from fantasy to realism with an exploration of the Manga style of graphic art. She showed an adeptness in portraying emotion and mythical mystery with her pieces. Cassandra plans to attend the Art Institute of Sacramento majoring in Game Art & Design. WASH 2017 Scholarship Winner

Be sure to come to the Fine Arts Center in June to see her work. Also, she will be presented with her award on June 12 at the General Meeting for WASH.

The 2017 WASH Scholarship application is available at the following link. WASH Scholarship Application

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Joining WASH

Watercolor Artists of Sacramento Horizons membership is open to active artists who are devoted to the watercolor medium and work to promote an atmosphere of inspiration, encouragement and creative growth through understanding. Meetings are held the second Monday of each month except July and August, and provide lectures, demonstrations, workshops, paintouts, critiques for members and visits to artist's studios. Annual scholarships are presented by WASH to worthy high school art students. WASH sponsors two annual major exhibitions, one exclusively for members and the other open to all watercolorists as well as other exhibits throughout the year.

Please email us at: sac.watercolor@gmail.com

Click the "Join Us" botton on the top right menu to download an application to join WASH. Please note that SFAC and WASH Membership is based on the club year and runs from January to December.

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